Intamsys Printing Material

AM 200 “Spotlight” by Victrex

  • Low grade metal replacement option
  • Similar to PAEK polymers
  • High chemical resistance
  • Operating temps of 150C/302F
  • PEKK, PPSU, PEI, PA, alternative
  • Good PEEK alternative
    • Difficult printing geometries
    • Hard to control crystallization
    • Better printing stabilization
    • Interlayer bonding issues

Material Specs

Injection-moulded VICTREX PEEK 450GTM benchmarkTypical filament dusion of VICTREX PEEK 450GTM *Observed filament fusion of new VICTREX AM 200 PAEK
Tensile Strength XY98 MPa60-70 Mpa60-90 MPa*
Tensile Strength ZX98 MPa10-30 MPa40-70 MPa*
Elongation @ break4 GPa3 GPa3.1 GPa
Heat Deflection Temp45%2-10%12%

*value after annealing

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