Intamsys Printing Material

INTAMSYS PEKK Material Family

  • Mechanical properties comparable to PEEK
  • Easier to print with than PEEK due to slower crystallization
  • Semi-crystalline structure provides outstanding mechanical and thermal properties
  • Higher Tg than PEEK (160°C instead 143°C)
  • Can be used up to 260°C/500F (after annealing)
  • Many forms available (PEKK C & PEKK CF aerospace)

Material Specs

Mechanical PropertiesTest MethodUnitsTypical
Tensile StrengthISO 527Mpa100.4*
Bending StrengthISO 178Mpa203.2*
Beding ModulusISO 178Mpa5220*
Impact StrengthISO 179kJ/m25.2*
Heat Deflection TempISO 75C139

*value after annealing

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