Intamsys Printing Material

INTAMYS PC – Polycarbonate

  • High impact strength and durability
  • MRI Transparent (medical devices)
  • Very easy to print with material
  • Sanded painted/coated
  • Great for jigs & fixtures (rigid)
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Can be used up to 110°C/230F

Material Specs

Mechanical PropertiesTest MethodUnitsTypical Value
Tensile StrengthISO 527Mpa60.7
Young's ModulusISO 527Mpa2480
Elongation @ BreakISO 527%5.6
Bending StrengthISO 178Mpa84.3
Bending ModulusISO 178Mpa1685
Impact StrengthISO 179kJ/m215.6

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