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Markforged offers the world’s only Additive Manufacturing ecosystem of plastic, metal and composite 3D printers



Affordable desktop printing of strong parts including reinforcement with continuous fibers.



Create tooling and functional parts with carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar and more.



ADAM, a new process of printing metal powder bound in plastic, is redefining metal 3D printing.

Metal 3D Printing is Here

“You can bring that magic right into your office…start a print tonight and the next day you are holding it in your hand.”

—Jon Hirstick, SOLIDWORKS & OnShape Founder

“If you can afford a half-million to a millon dollar metal printer, buy one…for the rest of the world this is for you”.

—Greg Mark, Markforged Founder / CEO

Watch this short video to learn why Markforged is leading the way in 3D printing with Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM).